Monday, August 19, 2013

Loves white simple thing.I'll clean my room.

I love cleaning.
Cleaning gives moisture and happiness to our lives.
I’m listening to music while I’m cleaning the room(e.g jazz,classic,movie’s ost)
and,It was sunny today.That’s why
I cleaned it while being excited:D
I’m living alone now.  That’s why I can clean the room freely.I cleaned my room thoroughly today.
 My study room’s a Japanese-style room.I always study here.I adhere also to the color.If I had to say, I like white color better.Because I guess white is a clean color.
It’s easy to unite with other colors.
so I love it.
Hummm...I'm addicted to cleaning:)My summer vacation will be over soon.
I’m thinking that I want to take it easy a little more. lol

Take it easy.

1 comment:

  1. your room looks pretty and clean indeed :) I wish I loved cleaning, than my room would look cleaner x)