Sunday, August 18, 2013

the sky is the limit



Ⅰ’m mai from japan.
Ⅰ’ll start blog from today
Ⅰ’ll introduce me this time.
I’m sorry if my english sentences are incorrect…
Ⅰ’m 20 y.o from japan:)
My dream is to become a voice actor passing in the world.
That’s why,i wanna to be able to sprek english well.
and I’m a japanese model but i am not so famous.


My hobby is watching anime(one piece,bleach,black butler and so on),reading books,plying the piano,and fashion,watching movies,taking long walks….
I’m a music college student and my minor is instrumental music.
i mean,piano. I do my best every day.
my favorite words the sky is the limit
the tasks and goals from now on.
:I’ll try my best so that i can become able to speak english.
:I wanna to be voice actor
keep it up!!me lol

Thank you

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