Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All good things must come to an end.

This is the third time update my blog:-))I'll update my blog more often from now on.
It's so hot today again!  I might get a heat stroke, I feel tired. It's the summer heat&-|  I think this summer is abnormally hot.
When it's this hot I get tired just working a little bit.
but,I want to walk around a kyoto street wearing a yukata or kimono on a day like this:-D And I wanna to buy maiko-san’s lip balm.
Oh,Though kanji is different but, the name is same as maiko-san(舞子)and my name.
My name’s maiko(麻衣子)lol
 All right then, Going back to what I was saying before,
I like yukata.

The picture was taken last summer.I don’t know why..I’ll want to wear a yukata when it comes to this time every year:PI wonder why...? Is it because I’m Japanese?
 In Japan, we have a celebration when we turn 20, and it's called a coming of age ceremony.
I took this photo when I turned 20 and wore a kimono(Right photograph)but,If I had to say, I like yukata.because,I think It is hard to walk while wearing a kimono:0
That’s why I like yukata better.

ahhh~, I have an urge to go natumaturi right now!
I mean,It’s summer festival:)
Hope you'll have a great summer.

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