Saturday, September 7, 2013

j world tokyo

I went to ‘‘J world tokyo’’the other day.Bandai Namco will be opening a brand new amusement park themed after the tremendously popular Weekly Shonen Jump comics. The new theme park, titled J-World Tokyo will open at Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City and will feature areas dedicated to the Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto world and characters. The first concept drawings of the park have been released.
If their past efforts were any indication though, Bandai Namco will do an amazing job with the merchandising of its goods. Fans of the Jump comics can look forward to exclusive merchandise at the J-World souvenir shop.
Like Namja Town, J-World Tokyo will also have a section dedicated to Jump themed food and snacks with the J-World Kitchen.
(quoted string by supermerlion)

luffy drink

zoro drink
choppers rumble meatball pasta


 I had the best time ever! 
i want to go there again.

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